Hi, We’re the Hamper Queens

Ever wanted to hire a company that can translate your thoughts into action; that can fulfil multiple business solutions from creative events, management and experiences to personalised loyalty rewards, at competitive rates? Look no further!

HQ Hamper Queens is our new and exciting start-up venture offering innovative and bespoke hamper gift and events consultancy services; working to your budget and timescales. In November 2015, our contracts came to an abrupt end when the company we were consulting for had down sized. When being told the contract was ending the owner stated to us:

“Ladies, it’s not personal, it’s business.”

Little did he know that those words would shape a theme and streamline for Hamper Queens. We both realised we had many things in common; years of creating magical personal events to fulfilling corporate visions, the love for luxury gifts, the ability to plan and organise – and we both are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiating, getting the best deals for clients and creating events that people talk about for years to come. After overcoming our first challenge of seeking and receiving approval from Royal Family via the Cabinet Office to use ‘Queen’, we forged further partnerships and created Hamper Queens.

“More than business, it’s personal.”

Hamper Queens set off to a flying start when we were awarded the contract to deliver the largest public event of the mayoral election. 6,500 London Citizens filled the Copper Box located within the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The Mayoral Accountability Assembly, brought together mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan MP (now London Mayor) Zac Goldsmith MP and over 300 VIP guests, local and international organisers, performers, Press and Media personnel. The national and international broadcasting of the event hailed it a great success.